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Hardware Engineer

We have a vacancy for Hardware Engineer with both  circuit designing and PCB lay outing skills. We are looking for a person with skillset only, certifications are optional.





What You’ll Do

  • Designing and implementing circuit simulations, circuits, schematics and PCB layouts of embedded systems.

  • Developing high-speed board design, schematic design, layout reviews, testing and integration, and maintaining hardware through the product life-cycle.

  • Selection of Electronic components and design of circuits.

  • Testing and debugging embedded systems hardware.

  • Analysing and enhancing efficiency, stability and scalability of the designs.

What is required

  • Adequate knowledge of reading schematics and datasheets for components.

  • Circuit designing - Advanced level.

  • PCB designing - Advanced level (multilayer, 6+ layers of PCB designing skills).

  • Knowledge about constraints for creepage and clearance.

  • Well versed in industry standard PCB design guidelines.

  • Knowledge about PCB Manufacturing and Assembly.

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